Thursday, January 4, 2007

This shows the projection area above the stove (to the right in the picture). Also a decent shot of the bar. The image above shows the door that leads down to the second floor.
This area has a shelf that I made to hold the projector. This way the kids can watch movies or television on a huge screen. the image projects to the opposite wall above the propane stove.
Patty & I made the bar in the background out of two old doors that I found in my barn. It was a lot of fun to make. We christened it later by having our first glass of wine stationed there.
Most of the furniture is stuff we had in storage, so furnishing the space was relatively inexpensive.
This shows the interesting angles in the ceiling, which is unfinished at this point. I plan to insulate and use a bead board paneling for a rustic look. It looks nice as it is, but the heat goes right through the roof.

The Attic

I decided to renovate the attic, since it's such a big space.
I thought the kids would like it, and when we entertain we can have the crowd go upstairs. The picture shows the long wall I built myself. It a very tall "Knee wall" with a doorway that leads to storage space.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


And, here is Lindsey. Most times she prefers the tomboy look, but I caught her in this get up.


Here he is, my youngest in true form...

A Starting Point

I had to try this, since my brother has a blog, and it's cool to see what's going on in his life by visiting his site. Here's a picture of a group of girlfriends at our first annual "Friend's Thanksgiving"